A few links of interest suggested by our members..

Feeder Birds of the San Juan Islands; A list of birds of that the San Juan Islands that commonly frequent man made feeding stations. Thanks to

Bush Green Watch; Up to date information on what the current administration is doing 'for' (or should we say to?) the environment. Some of it beyond belief. Thanks Lou.

San Juan Nature Institute; classes, lectures, research and stewardship concerning the natural history of the San Juans.

San Juan Preservation Trust; preserving the natural beauty and habitat locally through easements, preserves and education.

Falcon Research Group; web page of the Falcon Reasearch Group in Bow, WA; San Juan Peregrine Project, Seattle WAMU Nesting Project and more.

Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology; conserving biological diversity through research, education and citizen science.

National Audubon Society; conservation and action, education, science, Backyard Bird Count and Christmas Bird Count.

Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center; link to the distribution of butterflies in Washington State, many wildlife resources here.

Washington Dragonfly Survey; Univ. of Puget Sound; resource for dragonfly ID and distribution in Washinton and Oregon.

The Aleutian Goose Festival; This birding, nature and heritage festival provides 80 fieldtrips, workshops, ocean, river and coastal lagoon boat trips. The not-for-profit festival offers birders opportunities to expand their lists and learn more about some of our over 400+ recorded species; all in the setting of the ‘big trees’, ancient redwoods coast.